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Information and Reports from the PLANTS Database

Alternative Crops - Small farmers and homeowners can learn more about crop culture and marketing or evaluate various crops for local use. Information is organized by state and crop type for easy access.
Characteristics - Over 100 conservation plant characteristics such as appearance, use in conservation and restoration, growth requirements, and suitability for NRCS practices for 2,500 plant species and cultivars.
Classification - View and download the taxonomic hierarchy for any plant, or the entire classification for North American non-vascular plants and lichens or U.S. vascular plants. Entries are linked to PLANTS profiles for easy access to more information.
Cover Crops - a list of several cover crops used in the PLANTS floristic area (PFA).
Culturally Significant - Information about culturally significant plants, including usage, management, and cultural importance.
Distribution Update - Help us document plant distribution in the U.S. by sharing your information about where plants grow in the U.S. Especially designed to update distributions of fast-moving invasive and weedy plants.
Documentation - Additional documentation about the PLANTS Web site.
Fact Sheets & Plant Guides - Detailed conservation information about selected plants, including establishment and growth, suitable uses, and appearance.
Invasive & Noxious Weeds - Lists of introduced, invasive, state-listed noxious, and federally-listed noxious plants, with hundreds of links to species abstracts, identification guides, and control measures.
Threatened & Endangered - Access to state and federal protected plants in a new flexible search format, with links to more information about laws and protection efforts in each jurisdiction.
Wetland Indicator Status - Access to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wetland indicator status in a new search format that includes taxonomy, growth habit, native status, plant distribution, indicator status, and indicator region.