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 Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants
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Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants

NRCS Invasive Species Policy
Invasive Species Executive Order 13112

Arizona State-listed Noxious Weeds
80 records returned

Click on an accepted name below to view its PLANTS Profile with more information, and web links if available. Noxious weeds that are synonyms retain their noxious status, and are indented beneath the current PLANTS accepted name.

Plant Services Division. 2005. Prohibited, regulated and restricted noxious weeds (1 May 2006). Arizona Department of Agriculture.

Symbol Scientific Name Noxious Common Name State Noxious Status Native Status*
ACBR5 Achnatherum brachychaetum (Godr.) Barkworth L48 (I)
STBR3 Stipa brachychaeta Godr. puna grass PNW
ACRE3 Acroptilon repens (L.) DC. Russian knapweed PNW, RNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
AECY Aegilops cylindrica Host jointed goatgrass PNW, RNW L48 (I)
ALMA12 Alhagi maurorum Medik. L48 (I)
ALPS3 Alhagi pseudalhagi (M. Bieb.) Desv. ex B. Keller & Schaparenko camelthorn RNW
ALPH Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb. alligatorweed PNW L48 (I), PR (I)
CACH42 Cardaria chalepensis (L.) Hand.-Maz. L48 (I), CAN (I)
CACH10 Cardaria chalapensis (L.) Hand.-Maz., orth. var. lens podded hoary cress PNW
CADR Cardaria draba (L.) Desv. globe-podded hoary cress, globe-podded hoary cress, whitetop PNW, RNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CAPU6 Cardaria pubescens (C.A. Mey.) Jarmolenko hairy whitetop PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CAAC Carduus acanthoides L. plumeless thistle PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CEEC Cenchrus echinatus L. southern sandbur PNW, RGNW (I,N), L48 (N), HI (I), PR (N), VI (N)
CESP4 Cenchrus spinifex Cav. L48 (N), PR (N), VI (N)
CEIN4 Cenchrus incertus M.A. Curtis field sandbur RGNW
CECA2 Centaurea calcitrapa L. purple starthistle PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CEDI3 Centaurea diffusa Lam. diffuse knapweed PNW, RNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CEIB Centaurea iberica Trevir. ex Spreng. Iberian starthistle PNW L48 (I)
CESO3 Centaurea solstitialis L. yellow starthistle, yellow starthistle, St. Barnaby's thistle PNW, RNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CESTM Centaurea stoebe L. ssp. micranthos (Gugler) Hayek L48 (I), HI (I), CAN (I)
CEMA4 Centaurea maculosa auct. non Lam. spotted knapweed RNW
CESU Centaurea sulphurea Willd. Sicilian starthistle PNW L48 (I)
CEVIS2 Centaurea virgata Lam. ssp. squarrosa (Willd.) Gugler L48 (I)
CESQ Centaurea squarrosa Willd. squarrose knapweed PNW
CHJU Chondrilla juncea L. rush skeletonweed PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CIAR4 Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. Canada thistle PNW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), GL (I), SPM (I)
COAR4 Convolvulus arvensis L. field bindweed PNW, RGNW L48 (I), HI (I), CAN (I)
COSQ Coronopus squamatus (Forssk.) Asch. creeping wartcress, coronopus PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
CUME Cucumis melo L. (I), L48 (I), PR (I), CAN (W)
CUMED Cucumis melo L. var. dudaim (L.) Naud. dudaim melon, Queen Anne's melon PNW
CUSCU Cuscuta L. dodder PNW, RNW (I,N), L48 (I,N)
DRAR7 Drymaria arenarioides Humb. & Bonpl. ex Schult. [excluded] alfombrilla, lightning weed PNW
EIAZ2 Eichhornia azurea (Sw.) Kunth anchored water hyacinth PNW L48 (I), PR (I)
EICR Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms floating water hyacinth PNW, RGNW, RNW (I), L48 (I), HI (I), PR (I), VI (I), CAN (W)
ELRE4 Elymus repens (L.) Gould L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), GL (I), SPM (I)
ELRE3 Elytrigia repens (L.) Desv. ex Nevski quackgrass RNW
EUES Euphorbia esula L. leafy spurge PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
EUMU Euryops multifidus (Thunb.) DC. L48 (I)
EUSUV Euryops subcarnosus DC. ssp. vulgaris B. Nord sweet resinbush RNW
HAGL Halogeton glomeratus (M. Bieb.) C.A. Mey. halogeton PNW, RNW L48 (I)
HECI Helianthus ciliaris DC. Texas blueweed PNW, RNW L48 (N)
HYVE3 Hydrilla verticillata (L. f.) Royle hydrilla, Florida-elodea PNW L48 (I)
IPOMO Ipomoea L.1 morning glory PNW (I), L48 (I,N)
IPTR2 Ipomoea triloba L. three-cornered morning glory, three-lobed morning glory PNW, RNW (I), L48 (I), HI (I), PR (N), VI (N)
ISTI Isatis tinctoria L. dyers woad PNW L48 (I), CAN (W)
LIDAD Linaria dalmatica (L.) Mill. ssp. dalmatica L48 (I), CAN (I)
LIGED Linaria genistifolia (L.) Mill. ssp. dalmatica (L.) Maire & Petitm. Dalmatian toadflax RNW
LYSA2 Lythrum salicaria L. purple loosestrife PNW L48 (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
MEPO3 Medicago polymorpha L. burclover PNW, RGNW (I), L48 (I), AK (I), HI (I), CAN (I)
NATR3 Nassella trichotoma (Nees) Hack. serrated tussock PNW L48 (I)
ONAC Onopordum acanthium L. Scotch thistle PNW, RNW L48 (I), CAN (W)
ORRA Orobanche ramosa L. branched broomrape PNW L48 (I)
PARE3 Panicum repens L. torpedo grass PNW (N), L48 (I), HI (I)
PEHA Peganum harmala L. African rue, Syrian rue PNW L48 (I)
PECI Pennisetum ciliare (L.) Link buffelgrass PNW, RGNW (I), L48 (I), HI (I), PR (I), VI (I)
POOL Portulaca oleracea L. common purslane PNW, RGNW (NI), L48 (I,N), HI (I), PR (I), VI (I), CAN (NI)
ROAU Rorippa austriaca (Crantz) Besser Austrian fieldcress PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
SAMO5 Salvinia molesta Mitchell giant salvinia PNW, RGNW L48 (I), HI (I)
SEJA Senecio jacobaea L. tansy ragwort PNW L48 (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
SOCA3 Solanum carolinense L. Carolina horsenettle PNW L48 (N), CAN (I)
SOVI2 Solanum viarum Dunal tropical soda apple PNW L48 (I)
SOAR2 Sonchus arvensis L. perennial sowthistle PNW L48 (I), AK (I), CAN (I), SPM (I)
STRIG Striga Lour. witchweed PNW (N), L48 (I)
TRNA Trapa natans L. water-chestnut PNW L48 (I), CAN (I)
TRTE Tribulus terrestris L. puncturevine PNW, RGNW (I), L48 (I), HI (I), CAN (W)


†CodeNoxious Status
PNW Prohibited noxious weed
RGNW Regulated noxious weeds
RNW Restricted noxious weed

*CodeNative Status
I Introduced
I,N None
N Native
W Waif

*CodeNative Status Jursdiction
L48 Lower 48 States
AK Alaska
HI Hawaii
PR Puerto Rico
VI Virgin Islands
CAN Canada
GL Greenland
SPM St. Pierre and Miquelon

1 all species except Ipomoea carnea, Mexican bush morning glory, I. triloba, three-lobed morning glory, and I. arborescens, morning glory tree  

Additional information about noxious plants in this state can be found at:


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