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Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants


Introduced Plants of the PLANTS Floristic Area with Scientific Name =Y*
6 records returned

Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Native Status
YOUNG Youngia youngia L48(I)
YOJA Youngia japonica Oriental false hawksbeard L48(I)HI(I)PR(I)VI(I)
YOTH Youngia thunbergiana tall false hawksbeard L48(I)HI(I)
YUAL Yucca aloifolia aloe yucca L48(N)PR(I)VI(I)
YUGL2 Yucca gloriosa moundlily yucca L48(N)PR(I)
YUGU Yucca guatemalensis bluestem yucca PR(I)VI(I)
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