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 Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants
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Introduced, Invasive, and Noxious Plants

NRCS Invasive Species Policy
Invasive Species Executive Order 13112

Introduced Plants of the PLANTS Floristic Area with Scientific Name =W*
22 records returned

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Symbol Scientific Name Common Name Native Status
WAHLE Wahlenbergia wahlenbergia L48(I)
WALI Wahlenbergia linarioides tuffybells L48(I)
WAMA Wahlenbergia marginata southern rockbell L48(I)HI(I)
WAFI Washingtonia filifera California fan palm L48(N)VI(I)
WARO Washingtonia robusta Washington fan palm L48(I)
WATSO Watsonia bugle-lily L48(I)
WABO Watsonia borbonica Cape bugle-lily HI(I)
WAMA2 Watsonia marginata fragrant bugle-lily L48(I)
WAME Watsonia meriana bulbil bugle-lily L48(I)
WEFR Wedelia fruticosa coastal plain creepingoxeye L48(I)PR(N)VI(N)
WEIGE Weigela weigela L48(I)
WEFL Weigela floribunda crimson weigela L48(I)
WEFL2 Weigela florida oldfashioned weigela L48(I)
WIGAN Wigandia wigandia L48(I)
WIUR Wigandia urens Caracus wigandia L48(I)
WIURC Wigandia urens var. caracasana Caracus wigandia L48(I)
WIAM Wissadula amplissima big yellow velvetleaf L48(I)PR(N)VI(N)
WIFL Wisteria floribunda Japanese wisteria L48(I)
WIFO2 Wisteria ×formosa wisteria L48(I)
WISI Wisteria sinensis Chinese wisteria L48(I)HI(I)
WOGL3 Wolffia globosa Asian watermeal L48(N)HI(I)
WORA Woodwardia radicans rooting chainfern L48(I)
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