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Alternative Crops

About Alternative Crops

General Alternative Crops Links

Click on a link below to learn about culture and marketing of various alternative crops.

Agribusiness Online
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center-Specialty Crops
Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC)
AL-Alabama Extension Fruit Crops
Alternative Agriculture Enterprise Links-Texas A&M
Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
Australian New Crop Project
CA-California Certified Organic Farmers
CA-California Institute For The Study of Specialty Crops
CA-California Specialty Crops Council
CA-Fruit and Nut Research & Information Center
CA-Practical Course On Specialty Crops Production
CA-Small Farm Center (UC Davis)
CA-Vegetable Research and Information Center (UC Davis)
California Rare Fruit Growers
Creating Cellulosic Ethanol
Crop Organizations by Crop & Country-Purdue University
Developing a Willow Biomass Crop Enterprise
Economics of Biomass Production in the U.S.
Environmental Effects of Planting Biomass on Agricultural Lands
European Switchgrass Project
FL-Alternative Opportunites for Small Farms (UofFL)
FL-Energy from Crops (University of Florida Extension)
FL-Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association
FL-Florida Specialty Crop Foundation
FL-Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide (UofFL)
FL-Small Farms Alternative Enterprises (Extension)
Fruits of Warm Climates
Herbal Information Resources
HI-Sustainable Agriculture In Hawaii
IA-Alternative Crop Suitability Maps
IA-Integrated Systems for Biomass Feedstock Production
IA-Specialty and Alternative Crops
IL-Illinois Specialty Growers Association
IL-Western Illinois University Alternative Crops
IN-New Crop Resource Online Program
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Jefferson Institute-Alternative Crop Seed Source Directory
KS-Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops (KSU)
KY-New Crop Opportunities Center
MA-Growing For Ethnic Markets
Mid-Atlantic Regional Fruit Loop
MN-Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
MN-Specialty Crops Management Education Program
MO-Missouri Alternatives Center
MO-University of Missouri Alternative Crops Page
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service-Alternative Agronomic Crops
NC-Growing Small Farms
NC-North Carolina Extension Specialty Crop Leaflets
NC-North Carolina Specialty Crops Program
ND-NDSU New and Alternative Crops
Non Timber Forest Products
Northern Nut Growers Association
NY-Agricultural Risk Management for Specialty Crops
Ohio State University-Fruit Crops
OR-Oregon Specialty Crop Grant Guidelines
OR-Oregon Tilth
Oregon State U. Coop. Ext. Forages
PA-Fruit and Vegetable Marketing for Small Scale and Part-time Growers
PA-Pennsylvania Certified Organic
PA-Pennsylvania Extension Agricultural Alternatives
Pacific Basin-Specialty Crops for Pacific Island Agroforestry
Planet Power-Energy and the Environment
Plants for a Future (database of 7000 plants)
SC-Alternative Crops to Tobacco
Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance
Sustainable Agriculture Network
Tropical & Subtropical Horticultural Reference Resources
Tropical Agriculture Reference Resources
TX-Energy Crops for Fuel (State Energy Conservation Office)
UK-Plants For A Future (Alternative Food Crops)
University of Georgia-Mark's Fruit Crops
USDA AMS-National Organic Program
USDA ARS NAL-Alternative Crops and Plants
USDA ARS NAL-Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
USDA ARS NAL-Organic Production Information Access
USDA ARS NAL-Specialty, Heirloom and Ethnic Fruits and Vegetables
USDA FAS-Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops
USDA NAL Organic Food Production
USDA NAL-List of Alternative Crops and Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification
USDA, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
USDA, Rural Business-Cooperative Service
USDOE-ABCs of Biofuels
USDOE-Biomass for Electricity Generation
USDOE-Energy Citations Database
VA-Alternative Crops Research In Virginia
VA-Virginia Vegetable, Small Fruits, and Specialty Crops Newsletter
Value Enhanced Grain Solutions
Vegetable Crop Guidelines of the Southeastern U.S.
Vegetable Crop Handbook for the SE United States-2008
Vegetable Marketing Information-UC Davis
VT-Agricultural Programs and Resources
VT-Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont
WA-Agricultural Sustainability Notes About Alternative Crops
WI-Alternative Field Crop Manual
World Crops for the Northeast United States
World Watch-Biofuels for Transportation and Sustainable Agriculture
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